Help & Tips


Online Safety Tips for Buying & Selling


When you find an item you'd like to buy, ask to meet in-person to see the item and exchange money in a safe public place. Also follow Covid-19 safety guidelines in regarding face to face meetings and transactions.


1. Don't do anything online that you wouldn't do in real life.

2. Use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

3. Beware of common scams and fraud tactics.

4. Bazaar Click encourages face-to-face and local trading.

5. Learn more about the seller that you're transacting with:


How long has the seller been active on the site? Are there enough positive reviews and quality listings from the seller?


6. Only deal with local customers to ensure that you receive your payment promptly if purchasing a sale item. Ensure to inspect the item and do your own research before purchasing. 

7. Never provide your personal or banking information -

(e.g. Credit card number, address, ID number, DOB) to others over the Internet. 

8. In case of fraud or illegal activity, please Contact us and report it to us via the listing page.

9. Do not use your exact location for your profile or ads if you are a private seller. Instead, just type your city, area or the first part of your postcode e.g. E4, Chingford, London. You can then arrange the transaction with the interested buyer to take place in a public area for your own safety. It's always preferred to be accompanied by someone when dealing with a private seller.

10. Bazaar Click does not offer a delivery or payment service between buyers and sellers. Please report any suspicious requests to and our team will investigate further.