Frequently Asked Questions 


New users need to create an account before they can post adverts on Bazaar Click. In order to register, you need to follow the steps below:


  Click Register or the Create New Account button and choose personal or company account

  Enter your name, email address, password and other optional/compulsory details

•  Tick the Acceptance box and click Sign Up

•  You will then receive a welcome email confirmation

•  To activate you new account, open the email and click Activate.

•  Login with your email and password

•  If you forget your password at a later date click 'Forgot Password'

•  To delete your account, simply contact the admin team to ensure that the deletion request is valid and for verification purposes


  Sign in and click Add new on the Ads section of the dashboard

  Add a title for your product or service

  Enter the location or post code

  Add images to your Ad to receive more responses

  Describe what you are selling/promoting and choose the best category/subcategory for your item or business.

  Include your website link, telephone number and other optional details if you wish to do so

  Choose a free advert (recommended for new ads as all ads are screened first) or a paid advert option

  Please ensure that all mandatory fields are completed (highlighted in red if left empty)

  When completed ensure to click Update

  Your Ad will then be screened by our team before it's published or rejected


Note:  All adverts on Bazaar Click are screened and approved manually to ensure that they are suitable and appropriate. Your ad will remain inactive/pending once submitted on your account. If approved your Ad will appear as 'Live' on your account. Our team will also ensure that all ads are posted in the most appropriate category and not duplicated in several categories. We endeavour to publish approved ads within 24 hours or earlier depending on the submission date and time. If an advert is edited after it's submission or at a later date (once it's live) it will also become inactive/pending before it goes live again. 


All free ads posted on Bazaar Click will remain live on the listings page indefinitely unless reported or removed manually by the account holder. Featured and Promoted Ads will remain on the homepage or on top of the search list throughout the paid duration period, i.e... 3, 7, 14 days. Once expired, the ad will go back to its original position according to the date that it was posted.

We strongly encourage our users to delete any expired, no longer relevant or sold item (e.g. jobs, cars for sale, property) at the earliest. This will increase the seller/business credibility and encourage positive reviews. It will also attract new customers as well as retaining the existing ones. We also encourage our visitors to report any inactive, expired or misleading user/ad for our review. 


You can either contact the seller/business via the message button or through the contact details provided on the advert or profile.

When sending a message via the Message button, a copy will also be sent to the email linked the seller or business user. The seller or business can then reply directly to the email or contact number provided by the buyer.

For sellers and businesses: Can’t see your messages?

If you did not receive your messages to your email address via our send a message button please contact us at


No refunds can be issued for reported Paid Ads or Promoted Ads in general. The seller/business should ensure that the Ad is appropriate before promoting it on our website. We encourage personal and business users to post Free Ads first. Once approved the user/business can promote their live Ad for greater exposure and reach. Promoted Ads are processed automatically and will appear immediately on the website after payment it's made by the user. Please ensure to refresh the relevant page to view your Promoted Ad.