Advertise your Business, Service or Product for FREE 


You can advertise on Bazaar Click as a private or business seller. Each user will have their own profile/company page where all their ads, reviews, contact or business details will be visible for visitors to search and navigate. Free Ads can also be promoted for a fee.

There are 4 different packages to choose from. All ads and packages can be renewed by simply logging into your account dashboard. All our ads are screened and approved manually to ensure that only permissible and safe listings are published on our website. Ads can be edited or deleted by the user if it is no longer relevant or if the item is sold. Please ensure to refresh the homepage or relevant listing page to view your Promoted Ad.


Ad displayed for FREE in any category  (Unlimited Duration)

FREE Ads remain on the search list for an unlimited time period. As more ads are posted the position of the Free Ad will change.


Ad Featured on Top of Category Search List (3, 7 or 14 days)

Featured Ads will be positioned on Top of the Search List according to the date and time of promotion. It includes a 'Featured Label' and a highlighted background for greater exposure and visibility.


Ad displayed on category Homepage Gallery (14 days) 

Homepage Ads are displayed in the relevant homepage gallery for a maximum period of 14 days. Our Homepage and Featured Ads do not rotate if the page reloads, resulting in maximum visibility and value for all paying advertisers.


Ad displayed on Homepage Gallery and Featured on Top of Search List (14 days)   



Customized Banner on our Homepage with your URL/Website Link

Custom Banners can also be placed on our homepage for a specific fee and duration. Please email us with your requirements and banners. Multiple banners can be displayed on our banner slider. 

For further details please visit our Help & Tips, FAQ and Posting Rules pages. You can also contact us via our Contact Us page or by emailing us at